6 Google Ads Updates Happening Now (+What You Need to Do)

I recognize anyone says this, but, sometimes it seems like Google honestly can examine our minds.

Just while you’re questioning “Wow, I haven’t visible any Google Ads updates in some time! Maybe we’re off the hook for this season…” a Tweet flies throughout your display or a weblog article suggests up on your news feed.

Oh no… It’s occurring… The wave of Google Ads updates!

But don’t fear! These updates are not anything like the wave of modifications we confronted ultimate 12 months.  We’ve protected the pinnacle six Google Ads updates you want to realize about for the second one half of 2022— such as what they imply, the advantages or drawbacks, and what movement you can want to take.

1. The global site tag is now the Google tag

As changed into promised in Google Marketing Live 2022, Google introduced August 2, 2022 that the worldwide website tag is now the Google tag, which matches with both your Google Ads and Analytics accounts for less complicated reporting and conversion tracking without additional code.

What you need to realize:

  • Since the tag works for each properties, you can integrate your Google Ads and Google Analytics tags, but that is elective. If you need to hold them separate, you can.
  • You’ll be able to can control your tag settings from a new Google tag screen in both Google Ads and Google Analytics.

What you want to do

  • Nothing. Your existing global site tags will become the Google tag mechanically, so no motion is wanted to your give up.
  • Stay tune for greater. In her Twitter thread in this announcement, Google Ads Product Liaison Ginny Marvin also shared that there’s extra to return:

Stay tuned! Soon, you’ll be able to use your present Google tag set up while growing new Google products, bills, conversion actions – no more code wished. Plus, greater updates to come, including for those the use of Google Tag Manager.

2. Google is automatically switching eligible accounts over to statistics-pushed attribution modeling.

You may additionally or might not recollect that Google modified the default attribution model for brand new conversion actions to facts-pushed attribution remaining 12 months. In this modern-day update, Google Ads is now automatically switching eligible contemporary conversion actions over to data-pushed attribution in some accounts.

This did no longer come as a proper declaration, as it handiest applies to a few bills, however those Google Ads account owners who are eligible for this acquired a notification email that said:

We’re attaining out because one or greater of your conversion movements is a strong candidate for facts-pushed attribution. Unless you take in addition motion by way of 8/24/22, we’ll switch your version.

What you want to recognize

  • Data-pushed attribution is a multitouch attribution model that makes use of ancient data to extra correctly weigh each motion that results in a conversion throughout the consumer’s journey.
  • This handiest applies to advertisers whose conversion moves meet the data requirements.
  • You can choose-out of it the transition signals you’ll get to your notifications view or within the actual conversion settings part of the platform.
  • You have until eight/24/22 to choose-out

What you want to do

  • If you’ve been notified, make yourself familiar with facts-pushed attribution earlier than making a decision whether to decide-out. You can try this with Google’s help article on data-driven attribution or with our simplified guide to multi-touch attribution.
  • If something, you could attempt it out for a month or so, after which the choose out later if you don’t see the results you’re searching out.

3. Third-birthday party cookie deprecation has been driven out to 2024

On July 27, Google announced that the deprecation of 0.33-birthday party cookies in Chrome has been pushed out yet again—to the second half of 2024.

What you want to recognize

If that appears like a foreign language to you, here’s a few context.

  • Advertisers use the information from 1/3-celebration cookies to target relevant audiences and track their website visitors’ conduct when they’ve left their website online.
  • Google announced in January 2020 that it would be eliminating third-birthday celebration cookies in Chrome by 2022 within the name of privateness, and has been working on cookie-less monitoring and targeting solutions for advertisers on the grounds that.
  • Google continues pushing out the authentic 2022 closing date because it wishes greater time to check and implement those solutions.

What you want to do

Our hints for this are not anything new, but you must be taking action now:

  • Keep finding ways to collect more first-birthday celebration statistics in your website.
  • Get acquainted with privacy-secure functions already available (like greater conversions).
  • Harness the strength of third-celebration statistics now whilst it’s nonetheless around.

4. Text-to-speech voice-overs for YouTube commercials

On July 20, 2022 Google added a text-to-speech voice-over tool to the Google Ads platform right within the asset library. This new technology makes use of AI to convert your written script into herbal-sounding speech.

In reality, Google analyzed five,000 YouTube advertisements to version seven specific voices, four male and 3 girl. This have to supply advertisers some distinct options in trying to in shape their emblem voice. I realize from non-public enjoy that creating voice-overs can be a huge video advertising and marketing time-suck, so I suppose this replace will be a win for advertisers.

What you need to understand

  • To strive it out, navigate on your asset library, pick the video advert you’d like to feature a voice-over to, type in your script, pick a voice fashion, and viola! Your AI-generated voice-over will overlay onto your video advert.
  • Google does now not give any hints on what to do if the AI slips up on any components in your script. All you could do, for now, is to consult the help center or contact support as you get began and revel in any bumps in the road.

5. Google is now automatically updating Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns have been a buzz-worth addition to the platform final yr, and it’s been acknowledged that this marketing campaign kind will sooner or later absolutely replace Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. That being stated, Google announced that starting July 21, 2022, it will likely be robotically upgrading Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max.

What you want to recognize

  • Google will notify you 2-three weeks earlier than updating your campaigns.
  • Most can be completed by the stop of September—just in time for the holidays—however campaigns the use of capabilities like vehicle commercials may not be upgraded till early 2023.
  • Your campaign settings as well as the campaign’s previous historical statistics will switch over through default.
  • There is a Performance Max self-improve tool that you could use to make the switch on your very own in one click on.

What you need to do

  • Your campaigns will get replaced besides, so you may as well get ahead of the curve and make the upgrade now, proper?
  • You can access the tool out of your notifications phase, Recommendations page, or Campaigns page.
  • Keey an eye fixed out, as Google says this tool will soon be available for Local campaigns.
  • I assume this update acts as a reminder that advertisers have to turn out to be more comfortable with Performance Max campaigns. To begin, check out our 10 suggestions to understand before you strive Performance Max campaigns.

6. Google introduces diagnostic insights for Performance Max campaigns

Speak of the devil, there is one last Google Ads update that still has to do with this newer marketing campaign kind. In early July, Google brought a brand new diagnostic insights view to the Insights web page and Overview web page within the platform. These help advertisers to make sure that their Performance Max campaigns are firing correctly and not anything is slipping through the cracks.

What you want to know

This device can routinely pick out troubles related to:

  • Status
  • Billing
  • Policies
  • Conversion monitoring
  • Budget
  • Strategy goals
  • Ad power

What you need to do

Performance Max nonetheless appears like uncharted territory for many advertisers, so I’d endorse taking a peek at diagnostic insights to acquire all of the information you can approximately your campaigns.

Stay up to date on Google Ads updates

When a brand new year hits and Google Marketing Live comes and goes, you realize a spherical of Google Ads updates is coming your way. While modifications within the platform are unavoidable, being as prepared as feasible is your fine bet to handle any updates quite simply.

Knowing what each replace means, when and why it’s taking place, and the way you can best take movement will prevent from headaches ultimately. Any easy way to try this? Keep your eyes peeled for more Google Ads updates roundups from WordStream, of path!

To recap, right here are the pinnacle six maximum recent Google Ads updates:

  1. The international website tag is now the Google tag.
  2. Google is switching eligible accounts over to facts-pushed attribution modeling.
  3. Third-party cookie deprecation is behind schedule till the second one 1/2 of 2024.
  4. You can now create Youtube advert voice-overs with a text-to-speech tool in Google Ads.
  5. It’s time to upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max.
  6. You can now display your Performance Max campaigns with the diagnostic insights page.

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