8 Ways To Solve Laptops That Are Slow, Lag, And Slow

Having a laptop that is slow when used certainly makes us rishi. As a laptop user, surely you have experienced a situation where the laptop you are using becomes slow and it certainly makes you upset. Actually, the speed of a laptop depends on the specifications of the laptop itself. But it is not sporadic either because laptops have become too outdated to use and there are still some things that make the laptop slow when used, even though generally laptops are not slow when used.

Laptops are not new items where almost everyone, for example, students undoubtedly have a laptop and also for students, they must have it. This laptop is very useful for doing assignments, creating presentations, making reports, creating documents, & for doing other tasks that have been given by the lecturer or teacher. So the laptop itself has a very crucial gait because it is very helpful for students & students in doing the assignments they have. Therefore, this laptop must be able to be used properly so that it lasts a long time & is not slow when you are using it.

The reason is not infrequently when legitimately needed, the laptop we use is even as a lag and slow when used. When this happens, it will certainly make us feel upset, even though at this time there is a task that must be worked on & completed because it has been dead line and must be collected immediately. There are several things that cause a slow laptop, including because there is a cache & garbage has accumulated & has never been used. In addition, it can also be used for multitasking.

if your laptop becomes slow when you are using it, you actually don’t need to worry and worry. There are several ways that you can use to overcome your laptop that lags &lags when used. On this occasion, I will put some suggestions for you on how to deal with a laptop that is slow when used. Without further ado, personally, you just look carefully at the tips & tricks that I will tell you below.

8 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop to Make It Fast

1. Using Only The Required Applications

Just use the necessary applications on your laptop, so you don’t have to install a lot of implementation that you don’t need & even never use. Just install the palikasi that you really need, because if you install too many applications, the ram usage on your laptop will be divided, and as a result the laptop will be slow.

Excessive use of RAM can also cause your laptop to slow down. This generally happens because you open too many applications at the same time, especially the implementation you are currently opening is quite heavy. Let’s say you play HD games while playing music. This will certainly make your laptop lag and slow down. Therefore, you must also clean up the RAM of your laptop by closing the running implementation without being used.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Another thing that makes your laptop as slow is because there are too many installs of implementation that you don’t actually need and rarely used even never. This makes Drive C which is used to be where the operating system becomes full and the system will be obsolete to read the disk. This will also make reading the data contained in the disk take a relatively relatively obsolete time compared to the general.

To overcome this, the most powerful way is to use uninstalling applications that are not so important or applications that are rarely used on your laptop. Sometimes this unneeded application is also installed automatically without us realizing it when we are surfing or downloading exclusive content based on a website that without us realizing it even downloads a program that is unexpected and unimportant.

3. Delete Startup Apps

Startup is a state where the laptop first starts operating or running, or the first time the laptop is turned on. Usually when our laptop is doing startup, it will tone some exclusive applications that are running, for example, crucial implementations such as Antivirus. Here you do not need to enter applications that are too poly into the startup implementation.

This startup application will exclusively run without you opening or commanding it, because this implementation runs in the background. So you won’t know it. If you too poly activate the startup implementation then the ram that is used as more & can result in your laptop as slow as the first time it is turned on and so on. Therefore, activate the implementation of startups that are considered very important and necessary only.

4. Setting Shortcuts on the Desktop

Many based on you put the implementation on your laptop desktop as a result you will be able to more easily when you want to access it. But sometimes many people who are excessive in placing the implementation, almost all applications are placed on the desktop and the appearance of the desktop itself is full of shortcuts and applications. Even though the number of applications placed on the desktop is also one of the causes of the laptop being slow.

If you have a laptop with a large enough memory capacity, then it will not be a problem for your laptop. But it’s different if the laptop you have is equipped to use the size of the standard memory, even the size is fairly small. Sometimes too much implementation on the desktop can make the laptop slower in terms of responding to the commands you give & as a result of your laptop as a lag.

5. Scanning Viruses Regularly

Viruses are a dangerous event and can harm laptop users. This virus is also divided into many types, there are those called Trojans, malware, worms and many more. So basically this virus is bad if it is found on a laptop. That’s why we must often scan our laptop so that existing viruses can be detected & can be exclusively removed.

In addition, viruses are also one of the causes of our laptops becoming lag and slow when they are in use. Viruses can cause the RAM memory in the laptop to become narrower, so that the laptop is slower. That’s what requires you to install the best antivirus on your laptop that can be used to scan for viruses and protect your laptop at any time.

6. Using Applications That Match the Memory Capacity

Every laptop must have a large memory capacity, there are laptops that have a large RAM memory of up to 8GB and there are some whose laptop RAM is only 2GB. Between 2GB ram using 8GB ram certainly has a very large difference. 8GB RAM will make you comfortable and smooth when used because of its large capacity. Unlike the 2GB RAM, which has a smaller capacity and often lags when installed various kinds of implementations.

So every user should know the specifications of the laptop they are using. You must install an application that is valid & suitable using a specification of the laptop you are currently using. if you force to install applications that should not be installed on your laptop because low specifications can cause your laptop to slow down & lag time used.

7. Deleting C Drive Files

As you know that drive c is a drive that contains the installation of the operating system that you use on a laptop. So drive c is the place to reside all the archives that herbi system of operation. Therefore, you have to take good care of this drive, lest this C drive is full of unimportant files such as photos, videos, & other large files.

It would be nice for you to delete the grand archive contained on the c drive of your laptop or if the file is indeed important, you should move it to another drive only such as drive d or e. These d and e drives are generally indeed used for archival storage for example photos, videos, music, documents and so on. The looser the c drive on your laptop, the lighter it will be when used.

8. Increase RAM Capacity

A powerful way to get a slow laptop is to increase the ram capacity on your laptop. For this one method you need additional funds because you are obliged to buy or upgrade the ram on your laptop. But this one method is also very effective for overcoming the slowness that occurs on your laptop, so there is nothing wrong if you spend funds & receive satisfactory output.



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