9 Tricks And How To Overcome Slow Laptop Or Often Lag

Slow and slow down laptops are common in a plural of brands, brands, > laptops. The causes of slow laptops are also compounded, based on those caused by virus infections to too many applications that work on the background of the computer. How to deal with a slow laptop is generally not difficult.

Laptops that are slow &slow down are generally fixed by making some implementations that are not required to be uninstalled or formed to work in the background. Scanning and elimination of viruses and malware are also carried out. Hardware changes can be done to improve the performance of a slow laptop.

Actually, you need an application to create a fast permanent laptop performance. In addition to repairs and finding solutions, you must be able to manage data & applications in the laptop using good use. The majority of laptop cases are slow because the user is not on managing the contents of the laptop.

Solutions and How to Solve a Slow Laptop Fail-Proof

Improving laptop performance can be done through system settings, application and archive management, and hardware changes or upgrades. Installing a powered antivirus can also make the laptop’s performance always fast. Here are 9 ways to overcome a laptop that is already slow & slow.

1. Scan & Eradicate Viruses

When the laptop is slow, the first thing you must do is to make sure the laptop is conducive according to virus &malware infection. Viruses & malware are proven to be able to create slower operating system performance and even to the point of being unusable. For that, do a virus and malaware scan, then finish it.

For those of you who don’t have antivirus and antimalware, immediately download the application or take advantage of Windows Defender. To prevent virus and malware infections, be careful on the internet. Don’t frequently visit invisible websites, install subtle apps, &including download pirated content.

2. Set The Application Usage

Sometimes you use poly implementation in one moment. The use of many applications in one moment will not burden the laptop if the memory (RAM) of the laptop used is large or sufficient. If it is not enough, then the performance of the laptop will automatically slow down, even able to stand still.

Copying archives on a large amount while editing photos / videos, extracting files while browsing and still many activities that can make the laptop’s performance slow down. You can look at the Windows Task Manager to investigate & manage application usage according to RAM.

3. Turn Off Apps Running in the Background

The next way to overcome a slow laptop is to find & turn off the implementation that runs in the background. In the Windows operating system, sometimes there are applications or events that work unnoticed in the background of the system. This resulted in the personal workload of computers becoming drastically higher.

As a result, the laptop as slow as it is. To resolve this issue, open Task Manager. Then check if there is an implementation that runs in the background & consumes poly memory. If there is, immediately turn it off by having the program & click End Task. This kind of sudden occurrence occurs quite often.

4. Set Up Startup using Ok

A startup application or program is an event that runs when the Windows operating system loads. If it’s just a few implementations and not many, generally Windows won’t experience a slowdown in performance. Namu, if there are many applications, Windows is able to be burdened & the laptop is as slow and slow.

Many people are unaware of the existence and impact of implementing a startup. To manage startups, you can access Task Manager & select the Startup tab. There, a compound of applications that arise when Windows is first run will appear. Set up the startup well so that the work laptop is always tight.

5. Delete Apps & Unneeded Files

Just like in a house or room, the laptop must be cleaned according to archives and applications that are not necessary. Many people install applications that are not needed and are not a little bit according to the implementation causing cases such as burdening startup and working unnoticed in the background of Windows.

To anticipate these cases, you need to be selective in choosing the implementation used and clean up the implementation that falls into the category of garbage aka not needed. If necessary, uninstall the implementation with an application that is able to uninstall it forcibly, quickly, and hygienically.

The implementation jam, which needs to be cleaned up then are files and folders that are not needed, especially those that are in the system or generally Drive C. Junk archives are so annoying and able to take up a lot of space on the storage media. Therefore, do the washing of junk files.

6. Use a System Optimization Application

An application to optimally improve a PC is an application that will optimize the performance of the operating system of a computer or laptop using eliminating unnecessary things. This application can also create settings that improve laptop performance. This application is not an implementation that improves the performance of a laptop or PC.

Through this application, you can do work such as hygienic-clean up junk files, uninstall the implementation of garbage, set up startup, etc. easily & in one place only. This application is a kind of assistant that will create a laptop always in its best condition as a result of which its performance is always reliable.

7. Reinstall Windows

How to overcome a slow laptop using reinstalling Windows should indeed be done at a time when all data management – application-based methods do not produce results. Reinstalling Windows can be done if the virus & malware infection is very bad as a result of which the laptop becomes super slow.

Reinstalling Windows not only restores the settings to zero, but also eliminates the entire case that existed in previous Windows. Thus, all the causes of a slow working laptop will be wiped out. The laptop will return to optimal work using a record of all settings going back to the beginning.

8. Increase RAM Capacity

To increase laptop performance, you can also increase RAM capacity. RAM or memory functions to execute instructions according to the personal user of the computerand run the programs that are there. When an archive is opened or an event is run, RAM is a component that loads programs on a personal computer.

Low RAM capacity ad interim work required high will create RAM performance in particular, & laptops generally slow down. If you want the laptop to experience a significant increase in performance, it is necessary to increase the RAM capacity. The purchase of new RAM must necessarily be made.

9. Replacing HDD using SSD

Nowadays HDD can no longer be relied on for personal computers using high performance & reliable computers for playing games. As a data storage, HDD or hard drive can still be relied on. Meanwhile, for data speed, HDD is no longer the best storage medium.

The presence of SSDs makes data storage media called hard drives marginalized, at least in terms of data rates. if you feel that your computer is slow and want its performance to be improved, you can update the HDD with an SSD. Changing HDD to SSD is guaranteed not to create you regrets.

By using the solution to overcome a slow laptop above, you will definitely be able to make the laptop feel like a fast one. It should be understood, that the performance of the laptop that was fast earlier will be appropriate using its specifications, aka it cannot be exceeded.

Good laptop content management absolutely you need.

From this point on, avoid installing and using unnecessary applications, do not make visits to subtle websites & do not force the laptop to work for an extreme duration. How to overcome a slow laptop above will be as a hint if you fail to manage data and applications in the laptop.



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