9 Ways to Solve Pc Game Lag

Game lag, stuttering, traffic jams, slow, slow, and so on are one of the most experienced cases of gamers. For gamers the sultan may not be a big deal, for sure.

But we as gamers of the ‘check’ pockets, of course, must always outwit, how to enjoy the latest heavy games smoothly. Well, this I want to discuss. Incidentally, since a long time ago I have often used low-end PCs & laptops.

Getting to Know the Term FPS in Games

Lag in games occurs because of the FPS (frame rate per second) obtained by substandard devices. The minimum FPS is 30 FPS. With 30 FPS, we are able to enjoy smooth gaming. For what’s really smooth, we need at least 60 FPS.

Confused about the difference? See here:

Look carefully, games with 60 FPS have smoother movement than 30 FPS ones.

Note: Below 30 FPS, the game is still running, but the movement slows down and there are stutterings. And at under 20 FPS, guaranteed, it is guaranteed to be depressed by yourself when playing.

For details, please check at Easy way to check FPS in the game. There I have written in full. Causes of PC Game LAG in General

For the cause itself, there are not many really. My experience is only these four points:

1. Device Specs Are Less Capable

Every game has a minimum specification. If the PC or Laptop specs used are less powerful, then lag occurs.

2. Windows Full of Junk Files

Don’t be surprised, Windows, which is rarely optimized, is able to make games laugh. And not only games, you know, other software can also slow down their performance.

3. VGA Driver Is Too Outdated

Many don’t think about updating drivers. In fact, for some of these games, it’s not bad, you know the difference. Because sometimes it is able to increase performance as well as FPS to make it smoother.

4. The Game You Play is Still Bug

Lag based on the game can be based on the game exclusively. Because there are not a few games that are less stable (usually newly released ones). And this makes the FPS that we can get to decrease. How to Overcome Broken / LAG / Stuck Games (&amp the Like) For those who like to play games, especially AAA quality heavy games, then you can try reading this pen stroke.

Here gw want to spread about how to deal with broken PC games.

Because for example, what I said earlier, I am used to low-end devices. So you can say you have understood

1. Upgrade PC or Laptop Components

80% of broken games are caused because the specifications of the PC or laptop used do not meet the system requirements of the game being played. For that we need to first upgrade the components. At least don’t go too far with the minimum requirements needed.

But beforehand it is worth noting. That game has 2 types: CPU BoundIs a type of game that consumes larger CPU resources (Processor). For example, GTA V.GPU Bound is a type of game whose VGP resources are higher. For example like Watch Dogs 2

Well, by knowing the difference, please consider which one needs to be upgraded.

Note: For laptops, if the initial specs are okay, be able to consider a RAM or SSD upgrade. It is able to help increase stability, even smoothen heavy gaming on a laptop.

2. Update The Driver To The Latest Version

Previously discussed, improvements and bug fixes in the game can be produced by upgrading the VGA driver to the latest version. This applies to PC users as well as laptops.

Well, please note that if there are 3 VGA computers or laptops that are commonly used: AMDNVIDIAIntel

This driver update can be said to be mandatory. Because I myself have experienced game lag after reinstalling, then normal again after using this method.

3. Windows Optimization Many people don’t think about this optimization thing.

In fact, from my experience, playing games on a less optimized OS is able to reduce frame rates by up to 50%. Pretty far away isn’t it? It can be done using the os’s built-in or third-party software, customize it. For SSD users, there is no need for defrag.

Cleaning Junk Files

When Windows is used, there will always be junk files. This is mandatory to remove. The method can be read here. Every time you delete an event, there will generally be certain archives called the registry. Well this must be removed so that Windows can be more optimal. Virus scanning as much as possible is routinely carried out. Most viruses generally often work silently.

The effect is that the PC becomes burdened and slows down (Especially if the virus was consuming large resources according to the processor or RAM).

Do everything one-on-one, then please test again.

4. Adjust the Graphics According to PC or Laptop Specs

Usually gamers are divided into 2 gamers who pay attention to the quality of graphics and gamers who pay attention to high FPS

If I am.. In the middle hehe..

Well, setting the game’s graphics settings is arguably very crucial. Especially if you want the game to be played smoothly.

How to do it:Open game settingsThen go to Settings / Options or the likeSearch & go to Graphic Settings settings or the likeThen set there

Note: To set it, it can be by changing the resolution, anti-aliasing, tesselation and so on formed as low. Automatically the FPS will increase. In full, it’s better to read in the explanation of graphic settings and how to set them up.

5. Pc / Laptop Airflow Optimization

Airflow here means the rotation of air around the components. Because if the airflow is bad, the device components will automatically become hot. In effect, generally, games that are initially smooth will be thunderous. Even at some time it was able to create Windows so it restarted itself.

How to optimize airflow: Please clean the dust that sticks to the fan casing, ventilation holes Clean the HSF and VGA fan Add some fans for smooth airflow (if you feel it is lacking)Check the fan may have problems. For laptops: For laptop users, just clean the heat expenditure ventsThe fan processor check is still normal or notThen replace the thermal paste processor.

6. Using anti-LAG applications

Try googling using terms like: How to increase the speed of PC gamesHow to make the game uninterrupted

And the like. Maybe later you will meet an article that recommends applications to use booster applications (or usually also claimed to be the implementation of anti-lag PC). It can be yes and it can be no. This application has a way of working by managing other software that runs in the background (background services). The goal is that the processor & RAM is not burdened.

So make a recommendation, if the RAM & processor used is not qualified, then you can try using this homogeneous application.

7. Setting the Graphics on the Driver

For the previous point, I have explained, regarding how to set the default graphics settings in the game. Well, please note, it is not only found in games. In the driver used, we can increase the FPS height by setting additional graphics settings.

How to do it:Open the driver through the search fieldThen look for graphics settings3D or game specific driver graphics settings there

Note: Here i just explain the picture. Because for AMD, NVIDIA , & Intel, how to set it up is different. It is recommended to have updated the driver to the latest version before.

8. Disable The Windows Visual Styles Feature

Already understand the visual styles feature in Windows?

The point is that these visual styles are a feature to beautify the appearance of Windows, especially Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10. But please note, indeed the appearance will be elegant, but also the personal computer becomes burdened.

That’s why I recommend disabling this feature. If it is a personal computer spec used, it is not qualified.

Note: For the settings found in the Properties of This PC > Advanced System Settings > Settings in the Performance menu, it is not just a game, editing & typing work can be smoother. My friend also some time later someone asked about how to overcome game lag in windows 10. I tried to suggest this method, and it turned out to be relatively effective.

9. Overclocking

This method can be said to be very powerful. The point based on overclocking here, is to increase the clock (speed) of the PC hardware.

But it should be noted, this overclock is relatively risky for the inexperienced. False- false, hardware can be damaged.



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