How to increase website visitors?

How to increase website visitors?

When growing your internet site, you possibly stated to yourself “phew, that’s it”! Indeed, there’s some thing to breathe (a little): it’s far a crucial step on your business.  However, visits are struggling to take off. So a question arises: a way to growth site visitors on your website?

It is a need, because, without visibility, you’ll now not be able to achieve your turnover objectives. It is consequently urgent to attract visitors for your internet site.

For this, there are numerous paid virtual advertising levers. However, that is problematic when launching a new hobby. We typically have little marketing budget to make investments, even supposing it’s miles a surprisingly strategic item. This is why we alternatively seek to increase the traffic of its website without spending a dime.

If that is your case, relaxation confident: this doesn’t make your method much less effective, quite the opposite.

Let’s discover together a way to entice more site visitors for your website. Keep in thoughts that we specifically need to transform them into customers. It’s now not just about growing your web page’s traffic: we’re aiming to improve your sales over the long term.

How to degree the traffic of your website?

Before seeking to growth traffic on your website, you need to first recognise the way to measure it. Quantitative information allows you to broaden the maximum appropriate traffic growth method.

To measure the traffic of its website, it’s miles important to investigate key overall performance signs (KPIs), which include:

  • The total wide variety of visits,
  • The range of specific site visitors,
  • The common period of visit (to choose the beauty of your website online),
  • The most visited pages (if we need to know which are the simplest),
  • The leap fee: that is the share of traffic who arrive on a web page without touring others; it should consequently be as little as viable.
  • The conversion fee: additionally referred to as conversion price, it corresponds to the share of traffic who’ve accomplished an action (in comparison to the entire wide variety of traffic).

If you use Google Analytics, you may effortlessly discover a majority of these KPIs. You can also entrust this paintings to specialists in internet analysis. At Axiom Marketing, we cope with analyzing all of the data in your internet site to define suitable tips.

Increase traffic to your website: quantity VS. Great

If the number of visits to your internet site is critical, it need to no longer overshadow the excellent of traffic. You should entice 10,000 leads and make just one sale. On the alternative hand, you may have “only” 1,000 traffic, however make one hundred income. So, if the aim is conversion, the fine of a site’s site visitors must take precedence over its quantity.


While a low conversion fee is normal while starting a enterprise, it shouldn’t be a consistent. An abnormally low conversion price may be explained by means of:


  • A problem to your internet site: quality of navigation, menu shape, lack of responsive layout… If you aren’t aiming for an surest user revel in, you can not hold your site visitors and, even extra so, convert them.
  • A lack of visibility: one of the first objectives within the advent of a internet site is to be seen. It is consequently essential to guess on numerous sources of site visitors acquisition way to the appropriate multichannel advertising and marketing method.
  • Poor focused on: consumer know-how is a fundamental useful resource for your business. If your provide or your message is not adapted to the audience, the visits that your website online generates cannot be converted into income.

5 levers to increase the visitors of your website without cost

1) Optimize your Google My Business listing

Optimizing your Google My Business list is the primary component to do to growth your site visitors without spending a dime.

If your business enterprise does now not but have one, right here is how to create one in 10 very simple steps.

Your Google My Business listing incorporates all the essential statistics approximately your commercial enterprise. It mentions, as an example, your deal with, your telephone quantity, your commencing hours or, of path, your website. It is then a strategic device to improve the visibility of your corporation on the nearby stage.

Google My Business listings seem in search effects when a geographically close established order fits the consumer’s query. Google will display in precedence those that are complete and nicely crammed.

Thus, the higher you optimize your Google My Business list, the extra you figure to enhance your visibility. We then speak of neighborhood referencing.


Let’s launch the request “where to look sea turtles in Reunion”. The search results web page includes the Google My Business list of Kelonia: a conversation middle and museum in which you can study getting better turtles. Google consequently uses the statistics from the My Business documents to reply in a relevant manner to the request of its user.

2) Work on on-web page search engine marketing

Optimization of herbal referencing, or search engine optimization, is one of the simplest, profitable and sustainable site visitors acquisition levers. It pursuits to improve the location of your website on the results pages of serps, together with Google.

Search engine optimization is a fundamental lever to boom the visitors of a website for free. Whether they are looking for records, a emblem, a product or a provider, 90% of Internet users start via connecting to Google.

We are talking right here about on-page search engine optimization, that is to say unique on your internet pages. Indeed, outside elements can also impact herbal referencing (off-page search engine marketing). This is the case of inbound links, additionally called oneway links, which we are able to talk later.

To work on on-web page SEO, an SEO audit must first be achieved. This permits you to assess the technical and editorial great of your internet site to define the precise motion plan.

Although it takes time, operating on on-page SEO is an effective way to boom web page visitors totally free. That said, this simplest applies if your website does no longer have any crucial flaws (including technical ones). In this example, it is going to be fine to are looking for the services of an SEO expert.


On the request “buy in bulk on the assembly”, Google lists the points of sale and web sites focusing on bulk income. Being most of the first positions is strategic: 75% of Internet users stop at the first web page of results. Companies located past gain from reduced visibility and, by means of extension, fewer opportunities to draw clients.

TRAFFIC ACQUISITION: WHY FOCUS ON search engine marketing?

Search engine optimization is a far more sustainable acquisition lever than paid referencing (SEA), as an instance.

The SEA consists of broadcasting ads on unique requests (key phrases). These appear at the start or end of the hunt end result page, and accordingly surround the organic effects. This paid acquisition lever is therefore a manner to place yourself quick on search engines like google. However, it may be costly relying at the focused key phrases.

Google’s paid referencing is primarily based, in truth, on an public sale machine. The greater site visitors a key-word generates, the more aggressive it’s far and the higher its cost in step with click on (CPC). The latter corresponds to the quantity you’re charged whilst a consumer clicks to your Google Ads advert.

Moreover, if the consequences on the site visitors of your website are instant, they fade whilst the campaign stops. This is why SEA should be considered as complementary to search engine marketing.

3) Publish weblog posts

You will have understood that to boom the site visitors of your web page for free, the optimization of herbal referencing is a strategic lever. The objective is to attain the pleasant feasible role on Google to generate qualified and sustainable site visitors on your web pages.

To do this, one of the fundamental pillars of search engine marketing is the content of your internet site and, via extension, your blog.

Each article offers you the possibility to put yourself on strategic queries, and consequently boom the site visitors of your site. This requires including the right key phrases for your blog posts. These are the terms and terms that human beings kind into the Google seek bar to get a list of results.

THE IMPORTANCE OF KEYWORDS FOR search engine optimization

Google ranks search effects so as of relevance. It attracts from its database to offer its user Internet sites probably to respond to his request.

To judge the relevance of yours, Google robots sift via all the texts in your web page. In precise, they’ll analyze the keywords of your web pages to index you accordingly in their databases. Thus, whilst an Internet person launches a request containing those key phrases, the algorithm makes you appear in the seek results.

However, there’s little interest in performing beyond the first web page: best 25% of Internet customers pass further. Even on the primary web page of consequences, the difference between position 1 and 10 is tremendous. The first 3 consequences concentrate 75% of the clicking-via prices; the primary function 30% on my own.

Choosing the proper key phrases for your weblog posts not most effective will increase your web page visitors, but more importantly guarantees its quality. By which include applicable key phrases in your editorial content, you growth the possibilities to attract certified leads.


If you have got already mastered the artwork of blogging in your personal platform, you could attempt your hand at visitor blogging! This includes inviting (in a position) writers to write down excellent articles to your blog. It might be an expert to your field of activity, a persona or an influencer: the possibilities are severa.

Guest running a blog additionally works the opposite manner round. You can also provide your net writing abilties to other blogs. You can for this reason improve your notoriety and why now not insert links in your website.

4) Improve the number of inbound links to your web site

A one-way link is a link from an external website online that points to yours. Also called an back-link. The more back links your net pages have, the greater authority your site gains from Google’s point of view. It is a criterion of believe that it takes into consideration to decide your ranking on its outcomes pages.

Therefore, improving the number of oneway links of a domain affects its herbal referencing. This allows, all of the more cause, to growth organic traffic. The system is unfastened if it starts from an alternate of top practices. You could, as an example, contact companies with activities associated with yours to create synergies.

Keep in mind that on the subject of one way links, like site visitors in your web site, first-class trumps quantity. If the incoming links come from poorly referenced web sites, the effect in your own SEO can be nil, if now not bad.

For your records, there are also dedicated systems that monetize back links. You can, in truth, buy inbound hyperlinks from authority web sites. The greater popular (and well referenced) these are, the higher the expenses.

5) Communicate on social networks

Social networks are tremendous levers to growth traffic to your web page without cost. With the best Social Media method, you can effortlessly entice certified potentialities for your net pages.

It is then a query of adapting your content material advertising and marketing in keeping with the social platform and the centered target. You want to capture the attention of your extremely-solicited target market to deliver them for your internet site.

The advent of nice content is consequently essential. To do that, you need to recognise your target’s expectancies, conduct and profile. Customer understanding is a actual key fulfillment thing. It’s about developing content that engages your audience.

You can for this reason hope to growth the interactions with your audience, which improves the natural reach of your posts. The more seen they’re, the more visitors to your internet site is in all likelihood to growth.

Some social networks even let you combine hyperlinks without delay into the booklet. This is the case of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or even Instagram (in testimonies only). Be cautious, but, to consider the specificities of each one. For example, the LinkedIn algorithm tends to reduce the attain of guides that incorporate a link: a manner to maintain its users on its platform!


Wanting to realize how to boom the visitors of your web site for free is a query that torments many entrepreneurs.

It is legitimate: creating a website is only a first step. The real venture is to make sure that it attracts visitors and peculiarly that it can convert them into customers. Increasing the visitors of its web site isn’t always enough: it ought to also be qualified! This is why it’s miles important to set up a site visitors acquisition method tailored to the profile of your target clientele.

SEO and social networks offer you this possibility. These  effective levers have the gain of no longer requiring any investment in case you recognition on natural site visitors. Even in case you need to mix in marketing, you can bet on paid referencing or Social Ads.

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