How to Optimize Seo

Is it important how to optimize SEO for your website? What are the steps -;angkap search engine optimization that you can do? everything we will get wet in this article.

Every website manufacturer has a goal so that the website they have can provide useful information for its readers. Therefore, every website is competing to get a lot of visitors in every published content. One way you can do this is to do SEO optimization.

Knowledge of SEO is the most crucial thing to make your website visited a lot. Nowadays the knowledge regarding improving optimally SEO continues to develop & explained in simple & easy steps. This makes novice content creators on a website able to do SEO optimization without experiencing difficulties.

How to Optimize SEO

There are many types of search engines that can be found at this time. Examples are Yahoo!, Google, Bing & Duckduckgo. Each search engine uses its own algorithmic calculations to determine the content that is most feasible to occupy the top rank in the search output.

According to, 91.98% of internet users use Google to find news on the internet.

search engine users

Because the number of Google users is very significant, SEO optimization generally refers to the Google algorithm.

There are at least two types of SEO optimization in websites, namely on-page SEO and off-page SEO. These two types have an interrelated interaction. You need to use these two methods in order to achieve maximum results.

Generically, on-page SEO focuses more on the content in the website. On the other hand, off-page SEO is an optimal improvement step done outside the website.

On Page SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the efforts to optimize your website so that it ranks as the highest in search results. This will create will be a lot of visitors in your website & can increase traffic which is high and perfectly targeted.

Another benefit according to SEO is that it can make your website easy to find through a variety of key terms. A piece of content can have several key terms related, so that it can reach a more poly audience. The thing to note is that the key terms chosen are still related to the chosen topic.

Various ways can be done for SEO optimization. One of them is with on-page SEO. On page SEO optimization is done using improving quality based on content, so it is easy to understand.

Quality content is built with the right title, creating the perfect structure & using the perfect link. In other words, this step creates you an emphasis on the factors of the content you have.

10 On Page SEO Optimization Tips for Websites

In the eyes of ordinary people, finding coverage is done using typing keywords and then determining the article you want to read. For you, a content creator on a website, as an important task so that the content is formed as the reader’s choice in getting information. One of them is by optimally improving On Page SEO.

Here are some suggestions that can be done to optimize on-page SEO on the website that you have. Starting from determining the perfect content to automatically applying social media share buttons in the content on the website.

Have Quality Content

Content is the primary part of a website. Before creating content, there are several things that must be ascertained such as what benefits visitors will get.

Next, make sure whether the content can solve the things contained in the visitors synchronous with the theme. The last aspect is that the content content is perfect and straightforward, as a result of which it makes it easier for readers to get news.

The number of words on the content is a supportive factor in the quality of the content. Although there is no definite number to choose the number of terms contained in the content, but this needs to be considered. The determination of the number of words can be out of sync depending on the term kuci that has been targeted & homogeneous content that is a competitor.

You can see some content that is ranked in the top three of the search output as a consideration. Various things can be learned based on this step. You can see the choice of title, number of words & content by content. This will allow you to make improvements in the content that will be made to have good quality.

Google gives 4 points that every content needs to avoid. The point above is as follows: Content that is thin or has no quality content.

Have you ever read a long article but didn’t get any news? This is one of the things that should be avoided on your website. This incident will make visitors will not return to come on your website.

Does not bring added value to visitors who have read the content

Added value is the aspect that makes website visitors feel satisfied with the content provided. You can fill the website with close content using the life and work of the reader. The website can fill in content in the form of tips & practical steps related to predetermined topics. It is plagiarism according to other websites.

In other words, content producers spread non-original coverage. Plagiarism is a thing of concern to the world of writing. An article or stroke of a pen that commits plagiarism will have a low trustworthiness. Making the reader frustrated as an influence according to the quality of the low stroke of the pen.

Writing that has a low trustworthiness tends to cause confusion for readers. Content can cause new cases for readers rather than finish their fights. Content that provides the right & complete news can make it easier for readers to know the content.

Creating Engaging Titles

A title is the first point people read when searching for a keyword. For that, you need an attractive title so that people can be interested in reading the content provided. The addition of a number in the title will make the reader more interested. According to the results of a Content Marketing Institute study, it was found that this could increase search output by 45%.

A factor that also needs to be considered in finding the perfect title is to adjust the title to the topic to be discussed. You often find content that doesn’t match the title, as a result of which this will create visitors as a bingun. Choosing the perfect title is the key in creating an attractive title.

Adding Images

Visual effects in a piece of content will spoil the eyes of visitors. This will create a significant difference if your website only contains text. Readers will feel bored and risk making switches to other more interesting websites.

You can select images using the right size and have synchronous meanings using existing content. In addition, the choice of caricature images or illustrations in the form of animations will be an added value based on the content you have. At least, a piece of content has at least one image item.

Adding a Video

In recent years, Youtube media users have continued to get higher and higher. This increase makes poly people as interested in the content provided through the media earlier. This can be used on your website using adding news in the form of videos based on Youtube as part of the post.

Performing Image Optimization

There are several things that need to be considered in the use of images in the content. First, make sure you specify an image with the perfect resolution to make it attractive to look at. The beautiful resolution will make the image visible and will not blur in its appearance on the website.

Second, you need to add Alt Text (alternative text) to each image. The purpose based on these additions is useful to help Google identify topics in the discussion of content. Alt Text can be customized using the emphasis of keywords that have been set.

Using Headings & Subheadings

The next step to optimally improve on-page SEO is to create a clear structure in the content. a visible structure will make it easy for the reader to know the message being conveyed. Website owners can use the heading and subheading features.


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