What Is Seo? 9 Ways to Improve Optimal Seo

What is SEO, as the most frequently asked question by beginners who have just learned to form a blog or website. This is because doing optimal seo improvement is considered to make it easier for blogs or websites to get high rankings in search engine output, for example Google. Is that true? Let’s peel more on what is Search engin optimization and how to optimize SEO on a website.

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO can be described as a tactic or action to optimize a blog or website. The optimization carried out allows search engines or search engines to assess whether the blog or website is worthy of being displayed in the top position based on search output or is actually not feasible.

By getting a high ranking based on search engines, your organic traffic potential will be even higher. Not only can it make website traffic as high, but the traffic can also be more perfect and in accordance with the purpose of the website you are building.

However, keep in mind that SEO is not a job that can be completed only once at a time. More than that, SEO is precisely as a process that has no end. This means that you have to continuously optimize your blog or website.

To get high traffic & perfect targets, then you must know and learn how search engines work in ranking blogs or websites, where this evaluation is based on certain qualification requirements.

You also need to follow the various rules set by the search engine or search engine, in this case it is Google. Therefore, it is very important to look at how to optimize SEO, what are the primary indicators of SEO, and Google’s algorithms. You can learn all of that through the following review without the need for an SEO course

Benefits of SEO

SEO itself has very benefits in the world of digital marketing, the following are the benefits according to SEO so that you better understand the benefits of SEOBecoming website visitors. Get sales by search engine. Long-term investment. Increase brand awarness. Ads for 24 hours non stop. Reach out to more potential customers. Earn more income from adsense poly. Customers can trust.

How SEO Works

The purpose of SEO is to optimize the website, so that internet users can find what they need using certain keywords or key terms. There are at least three benefits offered in the process of improving optimally, namely providing relevant information, bringing in more organic traffic, and resulting in search engines becoming a powerful source. The content according to what article is SEO will be more in-depth, make it prepare coffee & snacks yes.

Search results probably won’t appear on the spot. This is because the search process improves optimally without being as simple as & as easy as imagined. Search engines have three main tasks in conducting searches on demand, including:


Crawling is tasked with collecting information based on the entire website. One page to another, and one link to another. This process is the initial stage based on the work process of search engin improve optimally.


If you have collected news, then the web crawler will store the information in the entry list:

index. Ranking

The search engine will display the synchronous content of the search output that is most in sync with the rankings in order.

In order for the quality of search results to be guaranteed, search engines use a set of rules & budgets that are usually claimed with algorithms. This search engine algorithm will ensure that people who use the internet are able to accept relevant facts based on various reliable sources.

How to Increase Website Visitors With SEO

how to increase website traffic with the easiest SEO & straightforward in this article what is SEO. You need to know, a website without SEO will be like a forest, empty of visitors, especially if you sell products without using SEO, of course it is very difficult to sell a single product. For that reason, see the details of this article.

1.Connect the website with Google analytics

Do you know how many people have visited your website in the past week? if you don’t link google analytics on the website, of course the answer is not understanding.

Therefore, the first thing to increase website visitors is to install google analytics, so you can measure how many visitors arrive, the bounce rate of each page, how many user sessions access the website, how many new users stop by the article.

If you already understand which pages have visitors, of course you can better optimize in the future.

2.Connect a Website using master tools

After you install google analytics on the website, then you must connect the website using Goolge webmaster tools, this tool is very useful for website owners to find out how the website is currently performing, whether there are errors or whether there are problematic pages using Core web vitals or nir, to find out it all over, you need to connect your website with web master tools.

3.Connect with Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool created by Google to make it easier for users to know your business news. The benefit of this sense is to bring visitors to the webiste, because google my business will provide information on business names, business locations, email addresses, working hours, phone numbers, websites, photos of workplaces, and there are also customer reviews.

Therefore, immediately register your website on google my business to receive the above benefits, if you want to optimize local searches, so people around your location will be very easy to get website news & able to be a permanent customer.

if you have registered a website on google my business, you can read this to optimize Local SEO.

4.Selection of the perfect keywords

I have improved my SEO optimally, but why is the website still quiet? has anyone ever experienced this problem? if you do this, it can be because of improper keyword selection, or because the key terms you are targeting are few searches or even have no search volume at all.

if so then you have to do keyword research first, then research the key terms that how to make the website able to receive poly visitors? here’s the easiest key research tutorial.

Keyword research from google search suggest How

  • you enter the google.com,
  • then type the key term you want last in plus a space. for example, the image below.
  • You can add long tail keywords or the easy language is a long key term, so the more poly key terms contained on your website, the more search volume per month.

Research key terms using Google trends

The next key term research is to open google dominant expressions, then you can write the key term there, if the current issue goes up you are able to create an article based on the keyword earlier.

Use ahrefs paid tools

SEO experts certainly sporadically use free tools / senses, they want to spend less money to buy senses / tools to support their performance. One of the powerful senses in global SEO is Ahrefs, this sense is the sense most often used by SEO practitioners, in addition to this complete sense, it is also able to see how your competitors work.

The following is a keyword research model using ahrefs, you can see the keywords I am looking for are “keyword research” using a monthly search volume of 400 people. There are long tail keywords, including how to research keywords, youtube keyword research. But please note, the subscription price of ahrefs is not cheap, they set a monthly subscription, which is as much as $99 per month. Around 1.4 million rupiah per month to be able to do research. So based on that, ahrefs users are usually just people who emphasize SEO services.lima. Powerful Internal Links

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